Tiny webshop of porcelain wonders

The little shop is filled with small batches of  joyful porcelain products from my creative playground.

Things I create to satisfy my need to experiment, to enjoy making up stories and breathing life and meaning into inanimate objects. It’s really there to help me play and remind me to create for the fun of creating. I hope you can sense that when looking at what’s inside.

You find the webshop here


How about some sweaty cups?

Even when you don’t drink any hot beverages from these cups, they’re sweaty as hell.

It’s not because they’ve been doing push-ups. It’s because they feel rather nervousby you picking them up and your lips touching them.

It may help to whisper kind words to them before taking a sip.

Or some Lucky Bellybutton blobs?

Sometimes you need a bit of luck.
Of course you know that true joy and sparkling glee comes from the bellybutton. 

These lucky guys have 24K Gold lustre bellybuttons and radiate happiness straight from their belly to your heart.

Chest-haired angels are made of porcelain and have 24k gold-lustre markings on their wings. 

They comes with a unique name certificate and a personality. 

All angels are different in size, name and character. Just like humans are.

The Spirit of Bento lives in your lunch- or bento box where he spends all day guarding your food and reminding you how amazing and magical food actually is. 

He wears an umeboshi (Japanese, pickled plum) hat and is hand-painted and made of porcelain. 

Put him in your own – or someone else’s – lunchbox and experience how your food tastes even better because the spirit sits in it. 

Caution: he does occasionally fart inside the lunchbox which is very healthy and doesn’t smell at all, but does make little sounds sometimes. Sorry about that.

I created The Spirit of Bento originally for the intangible Bento installation I made for Tokyo Metropolitan Art museum.

How about some Golden turds?

Do not underestimate the power of shit.
A good crap can turn into valuable manure feeding the soil, feeding the earth and feeding you.

Let’s worship holy crap.

This little shit is handmade of porcelain with 24k gold lustre.

I adore your tiny chest-haired angels! I thought it was hilarious that one of the angels was named Mohammed. I’ve been giving them to all my friends as a stocking filler for Christmas. I kept one for myself. Little Ricardo now sits on the shelf in my kitchen.

Vanja Bronston

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