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large changes start with a simple thought


Find the essence of what we do and then shift perspective.

How can this be done?

By shifting the power balance between a minority group and the general public.

By changing perspective from outside the box to inside the bento box, revealing all intangible things about bento…

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What if we can change the way we perceive the value of food?

Food is such a versatile topic, it connects to everything. From politics to culture to rituals to economics and the future.

But, as it connects to everything, it also connects to one single thing: the eating human being…

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Online courses are the easiest way to grow

After 25 years of working as a creative professional, having taught at schools and in private coaching situations, I decided to transform my knowledge and experience into two tracks of curriculums…

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Read my book Lick it and do the challenges! Most challenges you can find and do directly in the book. Some challenges are downloadable here for free.

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