Why do tangible stories emotionally connect and engage the senses?

For the first time in history, museums have started seeing food as a serious subject to dissect, explore, and display.

It took a while. Partly because food hasn’t been taken very seriously as a subject for a long time and partly because food is not easy to put on display due to its ephemeral qualities.

This is now starting to change as all humans have to eat and are related to food, the subject has become very popular. Food is a great subject to entice people to regain their interest in art as it can be used as a metaphor for many things.

In addition, exhibitions about food and design can help people engage and reflect on their daily food habits which enables them to see their life in a new perspective. The mundaneness of food creates a beautiful stepping stone to talk about other things in relationship to food such as our future, science, ethics, politics, the climate, etc.

Because of ‘Sticky business’, many people decided to visit the Stedelijk museum Schiedam for the very first time. Both local people but also from far away. Just the other day I was told by a visitor that her daughter started liking musea only since she visited Sticky business and now she visits all exhibitions at the museum.

The artworks Marije selected created a vibrant collection. Sometimes seductive and playful and many times the works pushed the visitor to rethink habits and to start a conversation about the topic. About the meaning of sugar in our lives – from health to politics.

It has been a sheer joy to make this exhibition with Marije. The first one of a series of accessible exhibitions that unite artistic and societal impact.

Deirdre Carasso Director, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Why experience Curation is so important:

A subject that touches all of us

Exhibitions about food speak to a large audience as the topic connects to all human beings.

engage with all our senses

Food and eating as a topic give ways to create interactive and multi-sensorial exhibitions that engage the audience and cause them to reflect on their own food and eating habits.

expert creative storytelling

Create very precise and visionary experiences that shine on a high professional level, but are translated in a way that anybody can understand and connect with it.

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