What if we can change the way we perceive the value of food?

Food is such a versatile topic, it connects to everything. From politics to culture to rituals to economics and the future.

But, as it connects to everything, it also connects to one single thing: the eating human being.

We all eat and we all connect to food in a very rudimentary and crucial way. Because food is such a close to the heart topic, I have found that everybody can relate to it.

In addition, human beings are the only species that are sensitive to storytelling and imagination.

So when food and imagination start to merge and bring new visions on how we eat, on what we eat, on how food can be used to shape new connections between people, I see that it grabs the attention. It captivates because it is always about you.

Food is simply the conductor I use to connect you to everything outside.

Marije Vogelzang is a design pioneer. Her explorations of eating and design has inspired a greater consciousness of our relationship with food and food as a medium for positive change. At Design Indaba, we were early adopters to the storytelling and speaking powers of Marije when she first spoke here in 2008. Since then, she is always on our roster for collaborations, commissions, and workshops which has now manifested itself on three continents to date.

Ravi Naidoo Ceo and Founder, Design Indaba Conference, South Africa

Philosophy, inspiration, engaging examples, and tactical tools all in one


Can we design a way to make healthy food the most desired food?

Of course! But how?!

By creating a situation where an audience feels inspired, touched, energized, and most importantly, able to transfer the story to their own life…

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Live Teaching

Can we be educated for creative resilience in an ever changing world?

Education is not about dropping instructions upon students, forcing them to copy what I do.

I believe good education is setting up a framework to explore and engage with, permission to fail, to be smarter…

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How can we use food to connect people?

Touching food and engaging all the senses in new ways gets you out of a regular thinking pattern.

Doing hands-on workshops with professionals is a great way to connect and create new neurological pathways…

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