The Special edition Lick it Challenge starts on March 1st!

As a 25 anniverary celebration special, I created a 5-weeks online-live challenge experiencing the magical and hidden side of food.

If you’re looking for true inspiration, beyond recipes, then this is for you.

Do you realise how little you’ve really experienced food? Yes, you have eaten. Yes, you know about flavours and smells. You’ve heard about food and sustainability. 

But how much have you uncovered of the magical side of food?

And did you know that entering the magical side of food uncovers a hidden side in you as well?

The Lick it challenge starts on March 1st 2024

1. Five weeks of fired up inspiration.

You think you know food until you see a side of food you just didn’t think of before. 

Remember when you thought that driving a car was about pushing some pedals and turning the wheel – until you actually got your drivers licence and understood driving is much more about being alert and anticipating. Of course, the pedal and the weel are still important. But the experience of driving became much more three-dimensional.

2. Enjoy food as if you never ate before.

That’s what will happen in the Lick it challenge. It is like seeing the backside of an embroidered tapestry. You might enjoy what it looks like on the front, but it’s certainly fascinating to see how the strings are tied together on the backside to artistically make a scene at the front. 

3. For curious minds and food enthusiasts

You don’t need to be a designer or a chef but you do need a love for food and a curious and open mind.

even when you’re a passionate cook, your present foodie-self will look dull, seen through the eyes of your future self after completing the challenge.


4. Join an international group of food adventurers

You’ll get two weekly sessions.

One on demand inspiration session in the beginning of the week and a live session at the end of the week.

The live session happens on a time which works with most timezones to do challenges together with people from all over the world. 

5. Do exciting food challenges together and by yourself

You’ll be joining our private classroom to share the experiments you do at home throughout the week. Make pictures or small videos of your experiments and see what others have done. A fun way to get yourself exploring food in a tangible and easy way. All challenges are set up in a way you don’t need any fancy material. And you have to eat anyway, right?

6. Train your creative mind on food.

The Lick it challenge is based on the book ‘Lick it- Challenge the way you experience food’ 

by world-renowned Eating designer Marije Vogelzang. 

You don’t need to have read the book to join the challenge. 

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