How about creating your own conceptual dinner guided by Marije herself?

Join Marije for 10 days of live interaction and inspiration as she guides you in creating your own conceptual dinner.

This online experience offers lots of personal guidance and the unique opportunity to learn directly from the master herself.

We begin July 22nd.

Enrolment has started. Spaces do sell out.


ten days of fun and inspiration


Create your unique experience

hands on!

an online course with hands-on approach


lots of personal guidance

Be one of the 20 participants to join this exclusive 10-day summer school

Perhaps you:

  • long for inspiration that brings a tangible result
  • are excited about creating edible stories
  • are interested in creativity with food
  • want to bring your conceptual dinners to the next level
  • know that creating unique food experiences is what you love to do but you don’t know how.

This is your chance!

Join the Summer School if you want

  • a unique experience with a group of international food explorers
  • to get behind the scenes knowledge about conceptual food experiences.
  • to create your own authentic dinner that’s uniquely yours (for 2-4 people)
  • to get personal guidance by the master of conceptual dining
  • to learn step- by step how to create a dinner which you can repeat endlessly
  • to fully get in touch with philosophy, sociology, psychology and the senses

Use Marije’s tools to express yourself

In 10 days, you will create your own conceptual dinner for 2-4 people.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to develop your dinner into a full-fledged conceptual experience that will enchant your guests or clients.

Marije will reveal all the secrets of conceptual dinners that no one else talks about. You’ll gain a unique and authentic perspective on what you can create with conceptual dinners, discovering the opportunities, pitfalls, and challenges.

With Marije’s guidance, you’ll navigate towards crafting a bespoke experience that only you can make.

Dinners are like mini-societies. For a short time, a group of people interacts and shares a meal, literally incorporating the design into their bodies. Creating conceptual dinners is not just about making food—it’s about engaging with human psychology, sociology, and philosophy. And, of course, it involves all the senses!

Here’s what to expect from 10 days of summer school


and hands on

This summer school is an online experience where you get live classes by Marije herself. These classes are about between one and 2 hours every day. After that it’s up to you how much time you spend working on your food experience. All sessions will be recorded and it’s no problem to join if you’ve got to miss some live sessions. All sessions take place between 3 and 5 pm CEST in order to enable most timezones to join.



This summer-school experience has place for only 20 international food-explorers and features exclusive insights and content Marije hasn’t shared anywhere else before. You will get a front row seat and an exclusive experience with personal feedback and advice to improve your work. Next to that you will join an exciting group of inspiring fellow students.

a maximum boost

in a mini course

This course is a 10 -day experience where you will accelerate your skills faster than working and trying by yourself for months. Eventually you will have a tangible experience as result of this course. An experience you can repeat endlessly and earn money with instantly.

it’s so much more

than food

As you are probably already aware that Marije’s work is not so much about food as it is about eating human beings, this course will deepen your insights in the realm of politics, psychology, sociology, economics and philosophy, all through the senses.



In September the Food and Design Dive starts again. The annual Food and Design Course about so much more than only dinners. Right now you’ve got the opportunity to get access to the summer school AND the Food and Design Dive for a reduced rate.

no fancy stuff


As you will be working from your own kitchen, you won’t require any fancy or expensive equipment. We’ll be working with what you’ve got. All you need is a computer with wifi, a simple kitchen and a good amount of creative thinking skills.



When you go for a package deal, you have the chance to win free access to the Advanced Food and Design Dive, starting January 2025.

step by step


If you’re not sure whether you can do this, just know that Marije will guide you step by step through the process. This way you will not just make one experience, but you will be able to repeat the process and create multiple experiences once you know which steps to take.

Marije is celebrating 25 years of working in food and design this year.

Over the years, Marije has created a vast array of bespoke food experiences, both in her restaurants and at one-off events worldwide.

Today, you have the chance to embark on an exciting journey of discovering what YOU can achieve with conceptual dinners.

Imagine the scent of your starter unlocking hidden memories in the minds of your guests, how you manage to connect people in a deliciously unique way, and how you become a sought-after figure in the realm of food experiences.

It can all start with one fun, online summer school.

The sessions with Marije changed my life. Thank you!

Patricia Curler designer

For €997, you can be one of 20 and spend 10 fun days this summer to open new views on what you can do with food.

We’re starting July 22nd!


A great choice if you want to gain a lot of insights in a really short time.

Join Today for €997 or 3 payments of €343

Summer School+FDD

Summer school plus Food and Design Dive: the best deal

Join Today for €2597 or 3 payments of €875

What if things turn out even better than expected?

In 10 days you become a food experience creator.

Still on the fence?!

More reasons you should book a a summer-school spot now!

Is it only for food creatives?

It is made for creatives, but if you are not a professional creative and feel this does suit your needs you are welcome to book. When in doubt, just send a mail.

what is the time investment?

It will cost you less time than it will cost you to do nothing and figure everything out yourself. Having said that, it’s 10 days, max 2 hours a day (you get a recording if you can’t join the live session) and any extra time you want to work on your project (between 30 min to 4 hours) depending on how much time you’ve got.

Do I need to show myself on zoom?

It is not mandatory to show yourself on zoom, so if you feel more safe without your camera on, that’s completely fine. However, you will notice it’s more fun to engage and communicate while showing yourself.

Will I make a huge dinner in 10 days?

You will create a dinner for 2 to 4 people which, after the summerschool is over, you can easily scale and execute in any size you want.

Will we create one of your dinners?

You will create your own, very unique and personal dinner that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world

Will there be another moment for this course?

Right now, this is the only time this specific summerschool is planned as Marije is celebrating her 25th anniversary this year and this summerschool is part of the special edition event line-up. Sign up for the newsletter if you’d like to be kept updated.


Book your seat for the summer school and start inviting your friends for your unique conceptual dinner beginning August.



A great choice if you want to gain a lot of insights in a really short time

Join Today for €997 or 3 payments of €343

Summer School+FDD

Summer school plus Food and Design Dive: the best deal

Join Today for €2597 or 3 payments of €875