Can we design a way to make healthy food the most desired food?

Of course! But how?!

By creating a situation where an audience feels inspired, touched, energized, and most importantly, able to transfer the story to their own life.

Of course, it’s great to be able to inspire people and make them see things in a whole new way… even something perceived as mundane as bread or tap water.

But, what really drives change is to make ‘design thinking’ so easy and accessible that you can make your own steps toward a new relationship with food.

Or even a new relationship with life, through food.

Marije is a highly inspiring speaker with a wide vision on food. With a series of 8 lectures she has helped us to look at food through a completely unique angle. Always surprising and without any judgement. Her stories were a mix of juicy details, a lot of knowledge and beautiful examples that guided us to find different perspectives each and every time. The conversations we’ve had with her have inspired us again and again and not only us but also our audience (also the kids and teens) and our creative team. Thank you very much, Marije.

Moniek Merkx Director, Writer and dramaturge. The artistic director of Maas Theatre and Dance.

Why marije’s lectures are so important:

You don’t just get a bunch of inspiration

You get insights in how to use creative thinking in both your personal and professional life.

You also get actions to implement as soon as Marije walks off the stage.

It’s a topic that every human can relate to

Food and Design has never been a hotter topic! Which means that you can be sure to satisfy your audience, any audience.

You don’t need to be an expert to understand the topic of Food and Design, and yet, it can still be very high level.

An expert view from the industry leader

As Food and Design is such a young and unexplored field, many people are not aware yet about all the possibilities.

Who better to address the topic than the pioneer of the field?

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