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Online courses are the easiest way to grow

After over 25 years of working as a creative professional, having taught at schools and in private coaching situations, I decided to share my knowledge and experience more widely and accessible.

First, I developed the Food and Design courses. Then I realised that training professional skills to stressed or overwhelmed people is not very effective, so I created courses for ‘sensitive pirates’. Now these two tracks are combined in the food and design dive, the advanced dive and in private coaching.

It makes sense to me to address the creating human just as I address the eating human behind the designs I create. To me, this is all part of the same thing.

I do what I can to help create a more sensitive and meaningful world.

It excites me to see that by educating people around the world to use creative thinking applied to food, these people have a direct positive effect on their local communities and create outstanding businesses.

Supporting them and other, non-food creatives with tools and strategies for creative resilience completes the circle.

Absolutely yes! It was inspiring and stimulating. Thanks to it I understood what is food design, how one can be a food designer and how one can create anything with food. After the course, I searched out a master about it and I found one that is suitable for me.

Martina Fiorito ‘Food and Design dive’ graduate

Connecting and learning with like-minded people from around the globe

Food & Design Dive

No matter your experience, Food & Design Dive will help bring meaning to your food.

Starting on 13th of Setember 2024, we’ll spend 10 weeks digging into the vast, largely unexplored world of Food and Design. Each week we’ll dig deep and re-examine society through food…

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Summer School

Use Marije's tools to express yourself

A unique opportunity to join the first Summer school to create your own conceptual dinner.

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Advanced Dive

This is the natural next step after finishing the ‘Food and Design Dive’ course or when you want to professionalize.

Starting on 17th January 2025, you are going to go deeper and focus more on your own practice. Following Marije’s journey and learning her steps to fast-track your profession…

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Creative strategies for sensitive pirates

You started working in the creative field because there’s nothing more exciting than bringing your thoughts and ideas to life.

Starting on 19th April 2024, it’s time to love what you’re doing again and to end the struggle of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, self-doubt, criticism, procrastination and a lack of energy…

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