Why, if we have a full body of senses, would we ever only look at art or design?

I work with food because I enjoy creating experiences that actually go inside the body.

By creating experiences with taste, scent and storytelling, I enable people to allow their curious inner child to come out and step into a new world of imagination.

Many of the experiences are not only a joy to explore, but also a conductor to change perspective on things you think you already know, but never saw that way. This could be about food origin, social implications, eating habits or a new appreciation of your senses.

Design is about 3 dimensions and the 5 senses.

Danielle Sacks Senior Writer, Fast Company Magazine

Why experience design is so important:

Memories that last a lifetime

Human beings are sensitive to imagination and storytelling.

By combining food with a full experience, you can achieve engaging, once in a lifetime experiences that will be remembered long after they are eaten.

a deeper level of understanding

The interactive installations are playful, humorous, and support a more serious, underlying idea.

By finding ways to connect people and invite through play, they are more open to engage with the deeper meaning of the work.

Allow your brand to stand out

Crafted experiences are proven to engage your audience on an emotional level.

By creating showstoppers on a sensitive, authentic, and humane level, your brand will find its way into your heart in its simplicity, unexpectedness, and sheer joy.

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