How can we use food to connect people?

Touching food and engaging all the senses in new ways gets you out of a regular thinking pattern.

Doing hands-on workshops with professionals is a great way to connect and create new neurological pathways.

Being a professional sometimes means that you get too focused on your specific professional field which helps you to become great at what you do. But, it can be a challenge to make unconventional connections.

Doing a workshop about Food and Design, engaging the senses and connecting to each other does not only spark new creative ideas, it also creates a new connection between you and your food, and between you and your colleagues.

We are fully human only while playing, and we play only when we are human in the truest sense of the word.

Marije Vogelzang

Why workshops are so important:

new ways of thinking with useful tools

Opening up minds to train new ways of thinking and finding new perspectives translating to your own professional field.

Marije always provides useful tools to use in your own practice so you get the tools to make a change.

Connect and share experiences

Doing workshops is a great way to connect a team together and to use as an inspiring team building exercise.

fresh perspectives

Sometimes looking outside your own field helps to reflect on your own profession in a fresh way.

As everybody understands food, this is a great metaphor.

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