How can thoughts be brought into reality to question our habits?

An object is never an object by itself and my creations are not meant to just look at.

The objects are part of larger stories and are meant to be used, played with and explored. My aim is to create a new tangible philosophy on the act of eating. Sometimes this is best translated into objects and sometimes this is best translated into experiences or services.

The objects are not mass produced. The objects are thoughts made tangible so that they can add to our collective reflection of how food can serve a purpose to make us see ourselves, our society or our habits in a new light.

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.

Buckminster Fuller

Why object design is so important:

Bring your imagination to life

Having tangible objects as carriers of story is a great way to make people think about their personal food habits.

small & simple is just as powerful

When sometimes an installation or experience is too much work to sustain, objects can be put on display very easily and need little care.

a physical portalto a new world

Human scale objects that look like they can easily be part of someone’s life can really help people to envision a different life in a kind of casual way.

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