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Stories about my life behind the projects, bloopers, struggles, and fun


Edible philosophy and reflections on the meaning of life as a consumer


Reflections on strategies and how they support creative careers

Imagination can shape the world. It already is and it always will.


Find the essence of what we do and then shift perspective.

How can this be done?

By shifting the power balance between a minority group and the general public.

By changing perspective from outside the box to inside the bento box, revealing all intangible things about bento…

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What if we can change the way we perceive the value of food?

Food is such a versatile topic, it connects to everything. From politics to culture to rituals to economics and the future.

But, as it connects to everything, it also connects to one single thing: the eating human being…

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Online courses are the easiest way to grow

After 24 years of working as a creative professional, having taught at schools and in private coaching situations, I decided to transform my knowledge and experience into two tracks of curriculums…

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