This is a guided museum tour in your supermarket, chapter ‘BLOCKS’ page 164

This audio file is a guided tour to the most exclusive food design museum: the supermarket. Download the file to your phone and take it to your local supermarket wearing headphones. In case you have questions for the tour guide – don’t worry, there’s always staff in the museum to help you. Don’t forget to exit through the gift shop!

Where shall we send it?

This guided tour will:

Give you a different experience in your regular supermarket.

Supermarkets are generally a place people walk around mindlessly.

Help you to see daily items in a new light

Every time you pick up a mass produced food item you can just as well appreciate the design aspect of it.

Entertain you and make you think

What if the whole world was a museum? How would you experience your life?

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Who needs to get their hands on this?

You must have this if…

  • you have been reading Lick it and want to do the challenges
  • You want to feel more magic in your daily life
  • You’re excited about all the ways Food and Design can come together
  • You’re in for a free museum tour
  • You work in a supermarket and want to know why customers ask you strange questions
  • You hate industrialised food and hope to see some beauty in it

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