Try out the Prime Light Meditation by Jesse Elder, mentioned on page 49 of Lick it.

This audio file is a guided meditation by my mentor Jesse Elder. It’s a 20 minute experience I use for many things – to create my work for example.

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This guided meditation will:

Help you to get in touch with your capacity for creative thinking

The meditation guides you through various brain states and helps you to connect to the kind of knowledge which is hard to access while being in your regular functioning state.

Help you to to relax and enjoy 20 minutes of focused time for you

Any kind of meditation is beneficial to your health. Prime light meditation is a very active kind of mediation that accelerates your ability to focus.

enable you to connect with your dreams and help you to see more of what you are looking for in your daily life.

We all heard the phrase; ‘Whatever you give attention to, will grow’. This mediation helps you to focus your attention to what you want to sow, grow and harvest.

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Who needs to get their hands on this?

You must have this if…

  • you have been reading Lick it and want to do the challenges
  • You want to feel more magic in your daily life
  • You’re excited about finding different ways to use your creativity
  • You’re curious about mediation
  • You want to connect with yourself in 20 minutes
  • You want to find the answers to some of the challenges in your life.

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