On this website you find downloads that complement my book Lick it. Feel free to download the files. These downloads make more sense if you have read the book.

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This book will:

Give you a different perspective on food

You might experience food as being tasty or gross, being healthy or unhealthy or being sustainable or not. Lick it steps out of the binary ideas of food and explores ways to perceive food you havent thought of before.

Challenges you to not just think about food differently but also do things with it.

Many people love cookbooks. This is not a cookbook. Still, all the challenges are like recipes : they give you new creative skills and expand your flavour palette.

Entertain you and make you think

Lick is is a mix of edible philosophy and do-it-yourself experiments larded with lots of humor and thought provoking illustrations.

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You must have this if…

  • You are curious about the magic of food
  • You are looking for a great gift book
  • You’re excited about all the ways Food and Design-thinking can come together
  • You’re in for reading entertaining stories with a profound meaning
  • You want to open your views on food
  • You want to challenge your own habits with food

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