6 reasons why you shouldn’t join the Food and Design Dive

The upcoming Food and Design Dive will be the last edition of an incredibly successful course. If you are considering joining this last edition then make sure you read this first.

1. Food and Design is not about making pretty food.

If you want to make pretty food, make it instagrammable, learn how to put lots of flowers on a cake then it will be likely you get disappointed.

Food and Design is working with food using the methodology of design. 

What happens when we don’t think about food but about ‘the act of eating?’

It means that we’ll be looking at the psychological aspects of eating.

At agriculture, at the senses and at society for example, to create food projects that bring a new perspective into the world.

In the meantime, we DO work with aesthetics.

As a tool. 

Not as a destination.

2. It’s allowed to play with food.

If you believe that the way we deal with food in the world right now is part of a long and sacred tradition that should never messed with, this is not for you.

The way we eat has always been subject of change and has many times been influenced by surprising factors. Did you know that eating cheese on pizza is a result of political interference?

When people say you shouldn’t play with food what they mean is that you need to respect food. 

I agree! 

That’s why a large part of the Food and Design Dive is about using design skills to help people to feel the true value of food.

If you see that food is magical you will handle it with respect.

Fun fact: Infants who are allowed to play with their food grow up eating and liking a larger variety of food which has proven to increase the chance of becoming a healthy adult.

3. You won’t become a professional designer in 10 weeks.

If you expect to become a professional designer by joining the course then I can tell you: you will become the designer you already are but you will have a new skillset. 

The thing is, you don’t need to become a full fledged food designer to implement the design skills, tools and methodologies in the thing you are already doing. 

Whether you are a caterer who wants to create a more unique proposal to her clients, a restauranteur who wants to provide a more engaging food experience to his guests or a graphic designer who wants to make the next steps towards working with food: 

The Food and Design Dive gives you easy to use tools and lots of inspiration to create your own Food and Design projects. 

4. You will get your hands dirty.

If you really enjoy thinking about the idea of food and design and believe that when you watch enough you-tube video’s, read plenty of books and ‘get inspired’ you will suddenly become an expert, then don’t bother signing up.

The best way to learn anything is not just to think about it or to absorb information. The best way to become an expert is to DO IT.

You will get a weekly challenge to practice and make at home. The challenges ar simple and have different levels so regardless of how experienced you are and how much time you have, you will be able to do them.

You don’t need a fully equipped kitchen. This is not a cooking class. You can work with whatever you have. Even if you’re alone in quarantaine.

Marije succeeds to make it a real (online) personal class with plenty of rich, funy and personal stories.

Sharda ten Wolde

5. You will never again look at food the same way.

Thinking about food in a creative way is super addictive.

If you prefer to only see food as a commodity or as something that either tastes good or bad then stay where you are.

The Food and Design Dive takes you into a world where food ethics, culture, rituals and the future of food all become part of a tangible experience. Once you start using the tools to shift your perspective to create new food scenarios you cannot stop. 

Simply, because it’s so much fun.

But also because there is so much opportunity.

What if you could create food experiences that help people with Alzheimer, that would regenerate the soil or that would reduce food waste?

The world is in need of new perspectives on food and you ‘ll know how to bring those to the people who need them.

6. You will stand out in your industry.

If you do not feel comfortable about being a pioneer then that’s OK. It is not for everyone. 

Not many people look at food from a different angle.

Once you start doing so, wether you are an artist, chef, designer or farmer, you will have something unique to share. 

The things you come up with might be as simple as adding objects to a plate of food to prevent overeating. 

They might not even cost a thing.

But they will have the powerful effect of bringing meaning to food and therefore, to life.

In a time where the food system is stressed, people are confused and food gets wasted, we need creative minds who can find alternatives. 

We need people who use design tools, not to make things pretty or complicated or fake but to show the true magic of food.

If you have read these 6 reasons but still want to find out what the Food and Design Dive is all about, have a look here and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. 😁

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