Are you still thinking design is about making pretty things?

Hi Foodie, I guess the food you make is delicious. And perhaps very instagrammable as well.
But is your food really making a difference in the life of the person who eats it?


The true mening of food for the soul

What if you were able to create unique experiences that don’t just please the palate but actually touch people’s soul?
What if you don’t need any theatre for that but just a different way of thinking.
Join me for a free training ‘Design thinking for foodies’ on Wednesday where I will be sharing 4 simple steps to start making a difference in what you do with food.

Design thinking is a skill anyone can learn.

I will be sharing easy to use strategies and very tangible examples to give you a crystal clear vision on how to use design thinking in food – instantly.

And to be clear – you don’t need to be a designer for that.
Join the session so that you can bring your food job to the next level.

Aesthetics is the a means of communication – a visual language- not the goal itself.

Marije Vogelzang

You don’t need theatre to create an authentic experience

When you start using design thinking in food you gain creative power.

So that you are not dependent on COVID regulations.
So that you can create freedom for you whilst you create meaningful experiences for the people you serve.
It may sound like magic to you but it simply is the power of using imagination in a down to earth way.


So you really ARE thinking design is to make pretty things?

Don’t worry. 
You are not the only one. 

You know, aesthetics are very useful as a language. 
A visual language.

The words you speak can sound like poetry but in the end the meaning of the words matter as well. 

Have a look at this short video where I explain more about this:


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