Can stories create true change?

Human being have the unique ability to use imagination. Through language we can step into worlds and see things that do not exist yet. We have the ability to transcend time and space just by thought. We can see large visions through storytelling and can even experience tangible sensations just by the power of your imagination. Close your eyes and imagine biting a lemon. Right?!

Telling stories is more than just sharing a slideshow of projects. It is about engaging an audience into a story that’s theirs. Using food as a topic that’s understood by all humans I can create a story about you.

Whether the story takes you to an emotional reconnection to your own body or excites to to see a new future vision, it is only because you are able to connect the dots in your mind.

All I do is take you through these steps and make sure that you do not just see solutions but that you get emotionally involved.

I have had the pleasure to speak at many stages, bringing the bigger vision of the power of food combined with design to life.

A few of the events I have spoken:

AIGA – Gain conference, NY, USA

Design Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa

RED Conference, Hong Kong

POP-TECH, Camden, Maine, USA

Ciudad de las Ideas, Pueblas, Mexico

Art biennale 09 Tallin, Estonia

TCDC, Bangkok, Thailand

Folk futures, Stavanger, Norway

VCU, Doha, Qatar

TEDx Munich, Germany

Penny Stamps series, University of Michigan, US

Stephan Weiss Lecture series, Parsons school of design, NY, US 

Leading Hotels of the world Annual conference 2011, Amsterdam, NL 

YPO 2011, Cape Town, South Africa

UNBOX festival, Delhi, India

IDF – Mumbai, India

FIAC, Leon, Mexico 

What design can do, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo, Mexico city

BODW – Hong Kong, China

The Future of Storytelling – New York, US

EDIT – Toronto, Canada

Food design Conference – ECNU Shanghai

Design Week Beijng

Many who have seen Marije’s exhibition or heard her lectures are  amazed to hear her unique perspective and way of thinking.

I think that her awareness is very important.

Keiko Sano Curator Axis Gallery, Tokyo

Lectures are made to measure and can include tangible, interactive experiences for the audience to not just listen but internally assess and reflect on your own relationship with imagination through food.

All with the same goal: to spark an internal shift and to empower the audience to start embracing a new way of thinking in their own life.

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