Can we become our senses?

Mind Mouth – theatre sub sight,  is a theatrical experience without a stage.

It involves all your senses, except for your eyes. That doesn’t mean you won’t see anything though.

The play won’t happen on stage but in your mouth, body and mind. You tongue will start speaking to you, activating your imagination and creating a storyline in which you, psychically, become the main character.

With headphones on, a sleeping mask and a pillbox filled with food samples, you’ll close your eyes and let yourself be guided through an emotional story of love, sorrow and lust, with every ingredient becoming an actor inside your body.

MIND MOUTH shows, in a very tangible way, the power of our own imagination and reveals how much we are subconsiousy influenced by our own fantasy in our daily lives.

Participants reveive a wireless headphone, a sleeping mask and a pillbox filled with small food samples.

Every compartment contains something edible which becomes an actor in the play. During the story, the actors are asleep and wake up inside your mouth.

Your mouth becomes the stage and your mind starts to fill in the visuals guided by hypnotic cues.

The experience takes 45 minutes. With the use of hypnotherapy techniques and activated imagination you’ll feel as if you’re one with your senses.

If the whole experience is too long, one could choose to do a fragment of 20 minutes which gives a good impression of the full experience.

Mind Mouth was a one of a kind experience where I felt deeply connected to my senses in such a powerful way. I felt very touched and will cherish this experience when I take it with me in my daily life.

Wanda Ming MIND MOUTH participant at Droog Jan 2024

In our daily life, we easily forget about the subtle experiences our senses can give us. MIND MOUTH reconnects you to what is really to most powerful thing you’ve got, which is the combination of your senses together with your imagination.

The point of life, is that there is no point. And to understand this, you need to talk to your tongue.


A self-initiated project
supported by Gemeente Dordrecht

Presented at

Cinema De Witt (2 times)

Droog Amsterdam

private experiences

Coming up: Soho house Atlanta and GA tech college (24-25-26 February 2024)

Coming up: Space farming exhibition (8th of March 2024)

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