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Using Your Creative Superpowers As A Sensitive Pirate

You generally know all about your profession but maybe lack the strategies to work effectively, inspired and in flow. Let’s change that together!

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In this masterclass, you will:

Uncover your sensitive super power

Find out how your sensitivity is your specific super power and how to use it in a way that works for you.

Get going instantly

You will get simple tools to take your first steps towards creative power.

it’s easy to unleash your super power

Unleashing your creative power is not complicated and so is the way Marije explains how it works.

benefit even if you’re not a creative

The Creative Strategies for Sensitive Pirates are aimed at creative professionals, but anybody who deals with stress and deadlines can benefit from this.

Benefit from group support

This webinar is l done with a group of people who have similar struggles. Find out how good it feels that you are not alone with this!

Have fun

Yes! These strategies and sessions are fun! Why would you do things otherwise?

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Who needs to watch this masterclass?

You can’t afford to miss this if…

  • You are a professional creative or a student who struggles with procrastination, overwhelm or keeping focus.
  • You want if you want work as if you were playing.
  • You desire to work in flow and not force.
  • You want to move from doubt to certainty about your creative work.
  • You can be hard on yourself and are ready to offer yourself some kindess.
  • You are done with feeling stressed and realize that there must be another way.

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