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Free live stress-crush crash-course

on friday the 1st of October at 11 am CEST

start your weekend invincible and get to know the next steps

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In this one hour crash course, you will learn:

What part you play in your own stress

Many people believe that stress is something that comes from the outside. I will explain in a very simple way how this system operates and what your role in this is.

How to change from overwhelm to inspiration

Isn’t it strange that so many people who work as creative professionals feel stresses while their business is about inspiration?

How to keep yourself on track.

It’s really, really nice to get a boost once in a while. But how can you make sure you don’t fall back into the stress pit?

how easy it is to be genuine

Many people feel they need to change a lot of things about themselves to keep up as a creative professional. I believe it is not about adding skills but about showing yourself.

how to find your flow

The last two years were challenging and frightening to many. How can you turn your creative skills into superpowers in times like these?

simple steps

In this crash course I will be sharing 4 simple steps to instantly release stress and connect with your powerful self.

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Who needs to join this crash course?

You can’t afford to miss this if..

  • You’re a creative professional dealing with stress
  • You’re a student who deals with overwhelm
  • You’re a sensitive pirate wanting to feel more powerful
  • You feel overwhelmed (how to start, what to do, where to focus)
  • You feel slightly paralysed juggling work and life
  • You want to get practical advice on how to work in flow
  • You want to give a little less fucks

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