EAT LOVE, Food concepts by eating designer Marije Vogelzang.

This book is an overview of Marije’s work of the past 10 years. For more information and images, click on the book.

The book is currently being re-printed for its second print.

EAT LOVE has won the award for Best Designed Cookbook of the Netherlands AND is shortlisted (along with 3 other books) to become The Best Designed Cookbook in the world! The award ceremony of the Gourmand cookbook awards will take place on February 11th. in Paris.



The lunchboxbook is a Dutch book about packed school-lunches. In Holland, children, but also adults, bring packed lunches to school or work. In many cases these lunches are a sad compilation of bread, peanut butter or cheese. To add some extra fun, children can sometimes expect a mini chocolate bar in their lunchbox. To show that a lunchbox could also be used as a present to be unwrapped or a little picnic, we made the lunchboxbook for Snor publishers. It’s full of fun and tasty ideas.

The lunchboxbook won the award of the Best Bread Book of the Netherlands at the Gourmand Cookbook awards.